Saturday, July 14, 2007

Patrick Badawi Or Us?


PM Abdullah Badawi had said many times before, he hated mega projects. That was one of the many reasons why he had cancelled the scenic bridge project linking JB and Singapore.

At first, many Malaysians believed in what you had said, Mr. PM. But now, we know why you cancelled the bridge project in JB. It is because your son, Patrick Badawi, is not getting anything out of it. Correct?

Now, it is true that Patrick Badawi – your filthy rich son who had bought you a mansion in Perth, your powerful son who is manipulating the 4th floor bunch in Putrajaya, and your son who is now one of your top advisors in business and economy – are the beneficiary to the two projects described in the news item below?

Penang Bridge Loan Deal Signed

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia and China inked a RM2.7bil US$800mil) loan agreement, paving the way for the construction of the second Penang Bridge.

The loan facility is the largest given by China for a single project in a foreign country so far.

The terms of the loan agreement, which include an interest rate of 3% per annum over 20 years, is the most favourable offered to a foreign country.

With construction scheduled to begin in November and completion by 2011, the 23km-bridge – of which 17km will be over water – will be the longest bridge in South-East Asia.

Putrajaya 2 In Penang

Patrick Lim's Batu Kawan. Another new administrative capital?

That's the talk in the market. In Penang, at least. Patrick's Equine Capital has a huge landbank in Batu Kawan in the Prime Minister's home state, and is believed to have finally received the green light to turn it into a mega property development like nothing Penang has witnessed.

Lim, who is also known as Patrick Badawi for his perceived closeness to the PM, rose to prominence for being the Chosen One to develop Pulau Duyong in Terengganu and organize the Monsoon Cup, a pet event of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Equine and friends will benefit immensely from another mega project on Penang island, including the multi-billion ringgit 2nd Penang bridge. Equine also owns a quarter of the 239-acre Penang Turf Club, which has been earmarked to be Penang's new city centre. A Penang Towers Complex will be built. The redevelopment of the Penang Turf Club is estimated to generate a value of RM25 billion over 10 years, double that of the KLCC's!

The Batu Kawan project will be as grand as the Iskandar Development Region in Johor and is expected to offer foreigners the same NEP-free incentives. There'll also be a bullet train service that zips through it, I believe.

Question is, do we need another Administrative capital?

I am sure the financial journalists who are going to Penang for a briefing tomorrow on the country's latest mega-mega project will ask the tough questions but one thing's for sure, mega projects are well and alive.

Malaysians are not jealous of Patrick Badawi. But, enough is enough, Mr. PM. Now you have to choose between us or him.

If you choose to be with us who put you to power, then you have to immediately sever your linkage with Patrick Badawi.

But, if you rather choose to be with him, it is high time for you to voluntarily pack and leave the corridor of power before the next general elections.

Remember this Mr. PM. We, Malaysians, are keeping track of what you have said and done. And, don’t ever forget that GOD is watching you. Think about it, please!

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Unknown said...

I will choose development instead. I don't care whether is PM or Patrick Lim's because I prefer modernization.