Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Piece Of Garbage?

The information below was sent to me via the conventional mail. The sender is unknown. His motive is also unexplained. I have been studying this piece of information since the past three weeks. The more I read it, the more I want to share it with other Malaysian cyber-citizens.

So, here it is. Let us together figure it out if this is a secret dossier or just a piece of garbage to entangle us to the webs of conspiracy theories.

“Singapore’s Policy Approach (Foreign Policy Ethics) towards Malaysia’s power change from Mahathir to Abdullah can be summed-up as follows:

1. During the transition period, entrap Abdullah into security and intelligence dossiers of Singapore with an all-round ‘delightful predatory’ approaches and deceptions.

2. Abdullah’s ‘outwardly’ pious image is sufficient to impress the Malays for Singapore to be comfortable with Malaysia’s political-religious demands and whims.

3. Exploiting Abdullah’s clean and humanely image but hidden deceptively, inclinations for extravagance, and fun-loving, susceptibility to flattery, easily carried away with big ideas but whimsical and inconsistent.

4. Abdullah’s ideas toward Singapore is a common prevalence of dislikes and distastes for strife or any sorts of disagreement. This enables Singapore to perpetuate lingering issues to its advantage by show of diligence and honesty towards Abdullah.

5. Thus, from the friendly and neighborly spirit that rules amongst Abdullah’s own-chosen elites, Singapore to shape it into a single ‘household’. Thailand and Indonesia seem to be the lesser kinds in comparison.

6. A marvelous lee-way for Singapore to get to the lower strata of the Malaysian politics in its agenda to rid Singapore of the geographical constraint.

7. A major shift of strategy preferring economic tactics from military contingencies for a safe predictable period at Singapore’s own initiatives.

8. Until such time when the thinking Malaysians discover that IDR is actually a ‘whimsical Pak Lah’s initiatives’ Singapore will continue to be the Malaysian scourge!!. [May 20, 2007]”

So, what do you think? A piece of garbage? Well, your verdict is as good as mine - the majority rules.

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