Thursday, July 5, 2007

RPK’s Expose Put Abdullah In A Fix


YM Raja Petra Kamarudin of is one hell of a writer. The latest posting in his weekly column - The Corridors Of Power - with the title Please IGP, explain this!, is mind boggling.

What do we think will happen next? Will Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi revoke his decision to re-appoint Tan Sri Musa Hassan as the IGP which he had already announced last Monday? Will he order the ACA to conduct a thorough investigation on the allegations made by RPK? Will he form a special squad to crackdown the underworld network? Or, will he just order RPK to be detained for questioning?

Anyhow, after reading RPK’s expose over and over again, I am of the opinion that RPK is not actually ‘shooting’ at the IGP. He is actually ‘shooting’ at a bigger fish. May be at Abdullah as the Minister of Internal Security.

If you care to read RPK’s latest posting on the IGP with his earlier ones on similar or related topics, including the one when he mentioned that during the 2004 General Elections there was one underworld leader who made a cash donation of RM20 million to Abdullah, then my theory above may be right.

One more thing, if any police top brass in Bukit Aman can enlighten us on who was the person that introduced BK Tan and his proxy company to bid for the Police’s computer system, then the link of this underworld mafia to Putrajaya may become even clearer.

I was told that it was one of Abdullah’s family members who introduced BK Tan and his proxy company to Bukit Aman. Is this true or just a wild accusation? Tan Sri Musa, please tell us, is this not true?

Then comes the question of Datuk Johari Baharom’s alleged RM5 million deal with the underworld mafia. Now, Joe is being cleared by the ACA of that allegation. So, if Joe does not wallop the money, who then took the money? Who framed him? Is he one of those smart oxbridge chicos from Level Four in Putrajaya? I heard so. But then again, it might be false!

Abdullah has no choice. He must act fast. If he needs to arrest RPK, do it now. But, please remember RPK is not alone. Majority of Malaysian net-citizens are with him.

But, if he thinks Musa must be spared from RPK’s latest bombardment, Abdullah must think twice because Abdullah himself is actually the one under attack.

Remember this. In one of his earlier postings on the underworld mafia, RPK once said “all roads lead to Putrajaya” and not to Bukit Aman in Kuala Lumpur. What does this means? I hope RPK will elaborate on this in his next posting. Also please expose, who actually took the RM5 million from the underworld mafia, if it is not Joe!

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