Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kalimullah The Super Liar?

Kalimullah has no respect for the minority shareholders of the NST. Instead of attending the company’s recent AGM, he was said to have gone for a physio in Pantai Hospital.

The question is, did he really go for a physio or it was just a lame excuse because he actually has no balls to face the minority shareholders like Datuk A Kadir Jasin, Rocky Bru and Nuraina A Samad?

Ironic isn’t it? This super liar is the type of guy who is enjoying the trust and confidence of the PM? This super liar is also the proxy of Temasek Holdings as well as a known Singapore agent.

I tell you, if PM still listens to this super liar, I am willing to bet my last ringgit that Malaysia is going down the drain sooner than expected.

All these while Malaysians have been attacking KJ as the villain behind PM. You are wrong. KJ is not so bad. The worst enemies under the sheep skin are Kalimullah, Patrick Lim and Brendon Pariah. These three stooges have done enough damage to PM and Malaysia.

Starting now, Malaysians have to pressure PM to get rid of Kalimullah and Patrick. (The Pariah or the super plagiarist has left NST in disgrace.) Otherwise, you know what to do next. People are now saying that the judgment day is coming very soon. May be in November this year. Use your rights wisely.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Abdullah Caught In Football Politics

Many Malaysians really wish that Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, stops talking from his nose. Many Malaysians also hope Abdullah stops listening to his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Last Saturday he said he wanted the Manchester United (MU) tour to Malaysia “to kick off as scheduled and hopes that the organisers or any other parties will not call it off.”

He added: “If United plays in KL, it will attract their supporters from Singapore, Thailand and other countries to come and watch. This is also the Government's intention in line with the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign. We know that they are a great team and will be a huge attraction for football fans.”

When Abdullah made the above statement, was he aware that Khairy got him to intervene and support MU to come to Malaysia and clash with AFC Finals games because MU is Khairy’s favourite team?

Do you think Abdullah knows that AFC President, Mohammad Hammam, is struggling to promote Asian Football so that Asians will support Asian National teams more than European League teams?

Does Abdullah know that last year alone Malaysians spent nearly RM 1 billion buying merchandise of English Clubs. Is he aware if this amount of money was poured into Malaysian football, than the level and quality of Malaysian football would increase?

Abdullah knows nothing. Infact, he is good-for-nothing. How long more can Malaysians tolerate this type Prime Minister? Don’t you think Dr Mahathir Mohamad was right when he said recently that Malaysia had no place for such a weak Prime Minister? Think about it!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Abdullah Best Ally Is A Pro-Zionist?

This kiasu Hsien Loong is too much. Today, one local newspaper quoted him as saying that he supported Bush the murderer to continue occupying Iraq.

Indirectly, Hsien Loong wants more muslims in Iraq to be butchered by the US army @ terrorists. Indirectly, Hsien Loong wants to see more destructions, deaths and atrocities.

Regretfully, this Hsien Loong is Abdullah Badawi’s most intimate ally of the century. Whatever he asks, people say, Abdullah will give. He wants south Johore, also Abdullah gives.

People are also saying, if Abdullah does want to grant Hsien Loong’s wishes, one gene called Kali will squeeze Abdullah’s ears.

Lately, people are saying, this Hsien Loong has ordered his wife, the CEO of Temasek Group, to ride on Kali in order to gain economic control in Malaysia.

This is dangerous men! If this game goes on and on, with zionists money flowing into Malaysia through Temasek Group, then what is left for the poor souls known as the sons of the soil?

Someone will ask, what will Pemuda Umno say about this? Forget it. Don’t ask this silly question. You already know the answer. Pemuda Umno only interested in enriching the youth leaders themselves.

Then, what will Abdullah do? Don’t ask this question too. You know fully well what Abdullah is going to do. He wants to play golf with Hsien Loong and his kiasu gang.

Golf? What is the bet? The bet? You really want to know what is the bet? Don’t scold me if I am wrong, ok? The bet is our future, our sovereignty and our dignity…

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Vote Rigging In Ijok?

Barisan Nasional is still celebrating its victory in the Ijok state seat’s by-election held on April 28, 2007. The euphoria is far from over. But, BN has issued a verdict that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) is already dead.

Very interesting. Yes, the verdict is very interesting. It is also misleading. But, it can become extremely intriguing, or even mind-boggling, if you know that the BN victory is actually not a victory after all…

All these while you have suspected the existence of phantom voters being imported from outside Ijok. This suspicion may be true. That, however, is not the primary factor which contributes to the BN victory.

The principal factor is the existence of extra ballot papers. These ballot papers were said to have been parked in one the safest places in Ijok.

I am not going to elaborate where were the papers exactly being kept or how the papers ‘found their ways’ into the ballot boxes all over the polling stations in Ijok on that day.

Just make your own intelligent guess. Do you believe that the voters’ turn-out on that day was really over 80 per cent? Very historic wasn’t it? But, can it not be the outcome of rigging? Think about it!

If PKR is very much interested about this rigging, why doesn’t the party instruct its people to park themselves at one warong right opposite the Ijok Police Station.

Ask them to snoop around and put their ears close to the ground. I am sure they will smell something there!
Umno A Racist Party?

I have been reading far too many comments on the internet stating that Umno is a racist party. Is it really so? Is Umno a racist party?

What about MCA or Gerakan? Don’t we ever forget how the Gerakan governs Penang. Just look at how the Gerakan treats the Malays there. Slowly but surely, the Malays are being sidelined or marginalized socially and economically!

Then look at the MCA. See how MCA ministers manipulate issues to benefit them. Check how Chua Soi Lek and his MCA-backed company monopolizes the production of methadone – the pill to reduce heroin and morphine addiction.

Any medical doctor in the Klang Valley can verify this story. They will tell you which company produces methadone in Malaysia. Is it not MCA-backed company?

The sad part is that addicts who want to get away from morphine or heroin addiction are now hooked on methadone.

What is this? Is it not MCA’s doing to reap the addicts’ money through legalizing another drug called methadone?

Then you see Foong Chan Onn. He has created so many business opportunities for his MCA croonies under the pretext of having a prudent labor management in the country. You think this is not a racist move?

Well, well, well!!! What are you going to call these MCA’s racists? Chow-kows? Are they not chow-kows? Yes, they are racists. They are suckers!!!

I also suspect some non-Malaysians too are making comments on the nets that Umno is a racist party. Don’t you ever think that some of our local netsphere are being infested by kiasus chow-kows?

You know kiasus? To the hokkiens say, kiasu means persons who can’t see other people to grow and prosper.

When these individuals adopt the kiasu mentality, they also become kiasi – i.e. people who are scared to die. So, they will do anything - anything at all - in order to survive.

Sad still is that our current leadership is so buddy-buddy with these kiasus and kiasis. They are given so much face. So much to extend they are being given the southern part of Johore to become their economic playground.

So, are the Umno racists really racists when they are willingly handing over part of their independent and sovereign motherland to the kiasus and kiasis?

You tell me.. Is Umno a racist party?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Abdullah Loves Kangrooland!

Don’t you wonder why our Abdullah Badawi always flies to the kangarooland down under?

Last December, when hundreds of thousands of us were hit by the big flood, he was there for his nasi kandar.

This time, he is there again just to officiate the opening of an exhibition of nona-kebaya in Melbourne.

What is happening? A nona-kebaya show merits Abdullah to be in the kangarooland on the Malaysian tax-payers’ account?

Well, you may say that he also calls on his counterpart John Howard. But, does this merit him spending the rakyat’s money to be in Australia?

Doesn’t Abdullah realize that Howard is the American lap-dog number one in the Pacific? Is Howard not the American stooge who masterminded the bombing in Bali in 2002 to justify his government’s involvement to murder the Afghans and ruin Afghanistan through the so-called war on terror?

Is Howard not the one who engineered the bombing in Kuta Beach, Bali, and then pointed his finger to the Jemaah Islamiah of Indonesia as the culprit?

What is wrong with this Abdullah? He is the chairman of OIC. He is the founder of Islam Hadhari. But, still he loves Howard and his kangarooland!

We don’t mind if he goes down under to see how the renovation works at Patrick’s Lim palace in Perth is progressing.

We don’t mind if he flies there just to enjoy his nasi kandar.

We also don’t even mind if he goes there to play golf near Bursewood resort!

But we do mind when he goes there to specially invite Howard to attend Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka celebration.

This is too much. Why does he need to invite this Howard whose army is still in Iraq killing and murdering the innocent Muslims in a war based on lies and falsehood?