Sunday, May 6, 2007

Umno A Racist Party?

I have been reading far too many comments on the internet stating that Umno is a racist party. Is it really so? Is Umno a racist party?

What about MCA or Gerakan? Don’t we ever forget how the Gerakan governs Penang. Just look at how the Gerakan treats the Malays there. Slowly but surely, the Malays are being sidelined or marginalized socially and economically!

Then look at the MCA. See how MCA ministers manipulate issues to benefit them. Check how Chua Soi Lek and his MCA-backed company monopolizes the production of methadone – the pill to reduce heroin and morphine addiction.

Any medical doctor in the Klang Valley can verify this story. They will tell you which company produces methadone in Malaysia. Is it not MCA-backed company?

The sad part is that addicts who want to get away from morphine or heroin addiction are now hooked on methadone.

What is this? Is it not MCA’s doing to reap the addicts’ money through legalizing another drug called methadone?

Then you see Foong Chan Onn. He has created so many business opportunities for his MCA croonies under the pretext of having a prudent labor management in the country. You think this is not a racist move?

Well, well, well!!! What are you going to call these MCA’s racists? Chow-kows? Are they not chow-kows? Yes, they are racists. They are suckers!!!

I also suspect some non-Malaysians too are making comments on the nets that Umno is a racist party. Don’t you ever think that some of our local netsphere are being infested by kiasus chow-kows?

You know kiasus? To the hokkiens say, kiasu means persons who can’t see other people to grow and prosper.

When these individuals adopt the kiasu mentality, they also become kiasi – i.e. people who are scared to die. So, they will do anything - anything at all - in order to survive.

Sad still is that our current leadership is so buddy-buddy with these kiasus and kiasis. They are given so much face. So much to extend they are being given the southern part of Johore to become their economic playground.

So, are the Umno racists really racists when they are willingly handing over part of their independent and sovereign motherland to the kiasus and kiasis?

You tell me.. Is Umno a racist party?

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