Saturday, May 5, 2007

Abdullah Loves Kangrooland!

Don’t you wonder why our Abdullah Badawi always flies to the kangarooland down under?

Last December, when hundreds of thousands of us were hit by the big flood, he was there for his nasi kandar.

This time, he is there again just to officiate the opening of an exhibition of nona-kebaya in Melbourne.

What is happening? A nona-kebaya show merits Abdullah to be in the kangarooland on the Malaysian tax-payers’ account?

Well, you may say that he also calls on his counterpart John Howard. But, does this merit him spending the rakyat’s money to be in Australia?

Doesn’t Abdullah realize that Howard is the American lap-dog number one in the Pacific? Is Howard not the American stooge who masterminded the bombing in Bali in 2002 to justify his government’s involvement to murder the Afghans and ruin Afghanistan through the so-called war on terror?

Is Howard not the one who engineered the bombing in Kuta Beach, Bali, and then pointed his finger to the Jemaah Islamiah of Indonesia as the culprit?

What is wrong with this Abdullah? He is the chairman of OIC. He is the founder of Islam Hadhari. But, still he loves Howard and his kangarooland!

We don’t mind if he goes down under to see how the renovation works at Patrick’s Lim palace in Perth is progressing.

We don’t mind if he flies there just to enjoy his nasi kandar.

We also don’t even mind if he goes there to play golf near Bursewood resort!

But we do mind when he goes there to specially invite Howard to attend Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka celebration.

This is too much. Why does he need to invite this Howard whose army is still in Iraq killing and murdering the innocent Muslims in a war based on lies and falsehood?

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