Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kalimullah The Super Liar?

Kalimullah has no respect for the minority shareholders of the NST. Instead of attending the company’s recent AGM, he was said to have gone for a physio in Pantai Hospital.

The question is, did he really go for a physio or it was just a lame excuse because he actually has no balls to face the minority shareholders like Datuk A Kadir Jasin, Rocky Bru and Nuraina A Samad?

Ironic isn’t it? This super liar is the type of guy who is enjoying the trust and confidence of the PM? This super liar is also the proxy of Temasek Holdings as well as a known Singapore agent.

I tell you, if PM still listens to this super liar, I am willing to bet my last ringgit that Malaysia is going down the drain sooner than expected.

All these while Malaysians have been attacking KJ as the villain behind PM. You are wrong. KJ is not so bad. The worst enemies under the sheep skin are Kalimullah, Patrick Lim and Brendon Pariah. These three stooges have done enough damage to PM and Malaysia.

Starting now, Malaysians have to pressure PM to get rid of Kalimullah and Patrick. (The Pariah or the super plagiarist has left NST in disgrace.) Otherwise, you know what to do next. People are now saying that the judgment day is coming very soon. May be in November this year. Use your rights wisely.

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