Friday, June 29, 2007

Made-In-Singapore Crooks


Today, I want to ask Singapore’s Senoir Minister (SM) Lee Kuan Yew, the father of PM Lee Hsien Loong, a few bloody simple questions.

Do you have any comment on the statement by the Malaysian Police which said Singapore gangsters were currently and actively involved in the underworld activities in Johore Bahru?

How are you going to answer me? You have no comment? Why? Because you just cannot believe it that your country has exported its crooks and underworld taikos to Johore Bahru?

Why do you refuse to comment? Because you always think that Singaporeans are so perfect and disciplined? Because all your people are law abiding citizens?

What? You want to deny that Singapore big-time criminals are now operating in Johore Bahru? Go on, deny it if you can! Deny it if you think the Malaysian Police is talking cock-n-bull stories about Singaporeans!

You forgot. Were you not the one who once blabbered that Johore Bahru “is a land of the criminals” with rampant car thefts, muggings and other crimes. Now what?

It is ok with me if you choose to shut your big mouth up. But, is it true these organized crimes in Johore Bahru are not done by Singapore criminals. Instead, the so-called criminals are in fact members of the Singapore special squad assigned by you to create chaos in Johore Bahru to suit to some ulterior motives or sinister designs being crafted by you?

What are you up to actually? Or, what is Singapore trying to do in Johore Bahru? To wreck the public order and racial harmony in Malaysia? To create a situation where you can implement your Israeli-patented forward defense strategy?

You tell me. Yes, you tell me if I am wrong. But, please do not overstretched my patience, tolerance and spirit of neighborliness. You can bully my Prime Minister Abdullah. You can treat him like donkey. But please remember, you cannot bully all Malaysians because most of us are keeping track of what you had done, what you are now doing, and what you plan to do.

And before I end here, let me say this to you: you can make Myanmar as your next RSAF training ground if you want to. You can continue to have your RSAF squadron in Padang, Indonesia, if you choose to be. But, please do not treat Malaysia or Johore Bahru as your playground or battle ground. Remember this, don’t you ever think that all Johoreans or all Malaysians are your donkeys or trojan horses.

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