Thursday, June 14, 2007

Appoint Judges Based On Seniority’
[Beware Mr PM, Sir!]

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council wants seniority of judges to be considered in the appointment of the Court of Appeal president and chief judge of Malaya (CJM).

Its vice-chairman, Ragunath Kesavan, said this would go a long way in instilling public confidence in the judiciary.

He added that the Bar’s stand remained that a judicial commission should be set up for the appointment and promotion of judges.

Ragunath said this in response to a statement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Tuesday that the process of appointing the CJM, following the retirement of Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob in January, had started.

The position of Court of Appeal president has also been vacant after the death of Tan Sri Abdul Malek Ahmad, following a long illness, on May 31.

Federal Court judge Datuk Alauddin Mohd Sheriff has been assuming the role and functions of Abdul Malek for some time now.

Meanwhile, lawyer and Bukit Glugor MP Karpal Singh, in a statement, said Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim had "more than enough to chew" as he had also assumed the post of acting CJM.

"He (Ahmad Fairuz) cannot take on the onerous task of CJM for such a long time," Karpal said, adding that leaving posts vacant in the higher echelons of the judiciary for a long time would create uncertainty and disquiet.

He called upon Abdullah to personally look into the matter.


** Beware! Karpal Singh and the Bar Council (who supported Lina Joy) are now pressuring the PM on the appointment of CJM and Court of Appeal President. Watch out Mr. PM, Sir! We are watching you. One single mistake in this move, you are heading for endless trouble!!

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