Monday, January 21, 2008

Ministers, Please Be Forewarned!

Ministers with skeletons in their cupboards please be forewarned. If you don’t support Abdullah’s SIL, you will be the next targets. Dvds about your sex scandals will hit the market soon!

Chua Soi Lek was the first. Informed sources said, Chua was victimised for two specific reasons – political reasons.

One, he was said to have rejected a move being sponsored by Abdullah’s SIL to set up a Singapore-based specialist cancer hospital in the WPI region.

Two, Chua was seen as the strongest threat to the incumbent MCA President - also an ally of Abdullah’s SIL.

One of the immediate targets now is Hishamuddin Tun Hussein. Already there are rumours that a dvd on Hishamuddin’s gay act is said to be circulated in northern Semenanjung.

Why? You know why. Isn’t he the Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia? Isn’t Abdullah’s SIL also interested to hold that post?

But why? There are thousand and one reasons about this. May be Hishamuddin had already decided not to give way to the SIL. May be because he wanted someone else, not the SIL, to take over from him.

Najib Tun Razak is also said to be one of the main targets of this latest political move. Also on the list is said to be Jamaluddin Jarjis.

We may want to understand why Najib is being targeted. But, it is rather difficult to determine why Jamaluddin is also on the list. Because Jamaluddin is Najib’s man?

So, we surely are looking forward to more interesting political great games in the next one or two weeks. And, the central figure behind all these games is said to be Ablullah’s SIL and his foreign associates. Is this true or false? Just wait and see!

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DIASPORA said...

The secenario paints a very grim and dreadful future for Malaysia. Surely, the PM cannot be so deaf and dumb to allow what is happening to go on.

Or, is it possible that 50 BOMOHs were used to silence the PM and put him to 'sleep that wnits the ravelled sleep of care" as quoted in MacBeth by Shakespeare.

Here something funny strikes most of us. What were the Religious Bigots doing when the BOMOHs were carrying out their highly UnIslamic activities in search of the missing infant. All the Bomohs in their great wisdom have unitedly stated that the infant is safe and sound. Pray to GOD that it is so.

Most Cabinet Ministers of late seem to be avoiding publicity like the plague or, has SIL told the Press to blacklist all of them except for a few who let loose their mouth like cracked cannons. Or are they too under the spell of the Bomohs. JAIS should look at this more seriously. After all that is what they are paid for from Public Funds. Not taking photos of women ..... doing it.

A dreadful cloud seems to be slowly creeping over Malaysia with the aid of the cohorts from down South whilst Political leaders praise the Financial and Economic growth of Malaysia to sky high levels' The next Election would be the harbinger of what everything is going to be - what with the Press and TV churning out glorious 'spins' and the ISA being freely used in all speeches and talks of even minor interest.