Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Abdullah Best Ally Is A Pro-Zionist?

This kiasu Hsien Loong is too much. Today, one local newspaper quoted him as saying that he supported Bush the murderer to continue occupying Iraq.

Indirectly, Hsien Loong wants more muslims in Iraq to be butchered by the US army @ terrorists. Indirectly, Hsien Loong wants to see more destructions, deaths and atrocities.

Regretfully, this Hsien Loong is Abdullah Badawi’s most intimate ally of the century. Whatever he asks, people say, Abdullah will give. He wants south Johore, also Abdullah gives.

People are also saying, if Abdullah does want to grant Hsien Loong’s wishes, one gene called Kali will squeeze Abdullah’s ears.

Lately, people are saying, this Hsien Loong has ordered his wife, the CEO of Temasek Group, to ride on Kali in order to gain economic control in Malaysia.

This is dangerous men! If this game goes on and on, with zionists money flowing into Malaysia through Temasek Group, then what is left for the poor souls known as the sons of the soil?

Someone will ask, what will Pemuda Umno say about this? Forget it. Don’t ask this silly question. You already know the answer. Pemuda Umno only interested in enriching the youth leaders themselves.

Then, what will Abdullah do? Don’t ask this question too. You know fully well what Abdullah is going to do. He wants to play golf with Hsien Loong and his kiasu gang.

Golf? What is the bet? The bet? You really want to know what is the bet? Don’t scold me if I am wrong, ok? The bet is our future, our sovereignty and our dignity…

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