Saturday, March 3, 2012


My sources had just told me that PAPA GOMO is neither a journalist nor a blogger. They alleged that PAPA GOMO actually had employed a group of people to write for him. LEMBU PUNYA SUSU SAPI PUNYA NAMA!!!

I am not sure if this is the fact. But, the latest that I was made to understand, PAPA GOMO had allegedly caused two TLDM’s top brasses resigned (or being expelled) from the force.

What are the reasons? Firstly, asked PAPA GOMO. Secondly, find out from the Minister of Defense? Thirdly, was it right for PAPA GOMO to up-load to the internet, pictures he took on board of the submarine?

Now look at what PAPA GOMO had done (or what the Minister of Defense had done). Why look for scapegoats if PAPA GOMO was wrongly allowed by the Minister of Defense himself to board the submarine?

Again, I am not certain if this is true. But, let’s wait and see what the MINDEF has to say… If what happened to the two top officers of TLDM is true, PAPA GOMO is a really a great pseudo-blogger that had caused (and will cause) great damage to TLDM and the country.

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