Monday, January 30, 2012


One of the comments I received urged me to publish in Politica the photograph of the so-called mansion with rows of purple roses in Holland. My response, no pix please!!!!!
I actually have a scenic photograph of the said property and a sketchy remark about the owner. After looking at it again and again, it is an insult to call the property even a mansion. IT IS PALACE!!! But I would rather wait if PAPA GOMO can solve this riddle.


andrew said...

Sir why keep hintin at papa gomo. Is he really great?

Anonymous said...

Bro terus teranglah sapa punya istana menanti tu? Saya nak tau rakyat Malaysia nak tau.

politica said...

Dear Friends,

So, so very sorry that I just cannot publish the photograph of the said property.

However, I am sure this information is of significance.