Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been lying low for a long time. But of late, I have been receiving numerous information which are explosive and controversial. For example, there is one email with a scenic photograph of a mansion with rows and rows of purple roses [not tulips mind you] in Holland, allegedly owned by a big guy in Malaysia. Ironically or interestingly, the most controversial personality in town today is said to be staying there whenever he is in Holland. How true is it? Anybody knows about it?

Then there is this email from the north saying that the same controversial person in town is of a questionable background. Otherwise, the sender asked, why has he never highlighted his family history like some other prominent personalities of noble background? I don’t know. Do you?

So, anybody out there ready to furnish me with further details on these explosives or WMD? What about our top blogger PAPA GOMO?


niman said...

kalau citer ni betul tunjuklah gambar

mat bagan datuk said...

Apasal babitkan papagomo? Ada kaitan dengan bos dia ke? Saya tak caya entry ni. Merepek dan sensasi je.

simon said...

I don’t believe u. Where in hell is someone to find the money to purchase the so-called mansion? But if u say it is owned by somebody big, we wait and c what is next ok?

Anonymous said...

Kaki kelentong tu pernah mengiap kat mansion ni? Betul ke dia? Apa hubungan dia dengan pemilik hartanah ni?